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Chi Siamo

About Us

Submit SINKO is about innovation, creativity and service thanks to SINKO PROFESSIONAL, a method that has enabled us to become a leading company in the Italian market and appreciated internationally.

qualita sinko


An attentive study on raw materials and production processes have directed us towards the use of HPL laminate materials, taking advantage of the high level of shocks and stress resistance offered by their surfaces and their inalterability with times, regardless of environmental conditions (use of chemical disinfectants, steam, damp environment and frequent contact with water).

igiene sinko


HPL laminate are polymerized, and therefore chemically inert: there are no migrations or gas emissions that could contaminate foods. Due to their extremely low permeability, HPL laminates form a barrier against possible formaldehyde emissions, keeping their level well below the limits fixed for wood based materials.

design sinko


Extensive research and testing procedures, together with the creative versatility offered by the surfaces, mean that we can offer a modern and elegant product capable of withstanding the test of times. An array of colour variations, which includes strong, soft and mellow tones, complement the design and presents the customer with a product constantly up to date and always capable of fulfilling to market trends.

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