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Sinko is the result of 30 years of experience in the Hpl thick laminated dressing room sector, gained with Sport Systems and Keno brands, which has allowed us to become a leading company on the Italian market and a friend on the international market.

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Introducing SINKO means talking about innovation, creativity and services thanks to the "SINKO PROFESSIONAL" system, a method that has allowed us to become a leading company on the Italian market and appreciated on the international one.


HPL unalterable
material over time.

What is HPL?

The Stratified HPL is a material of excellent quality for its functional and aesthetic potential. Its characteristics of resistance to wear and steam, hygiene and versatility in cutting and assembly, make it the ideal material for the production of self-supporting furniture systems.

Impact resistant

Support without impact the impact with blunt objects

Resistant to scratches and wear

Its density makes it resistant to scratches and wear

Easy to clean

The smooth surface does not allow dirt to stick


The non-porous surface makes it easy to clean and hygienic

Suitable for contact with food

Its high level of hygiene makes it special suitable for contact with food

Guaranteed 12 years.

SINKO: The best partner for your long-term plans



SINKO: the best of your partner planning sustained



Less maintenance work, our products resist scratches, bumps, abrasions and chemicals



We combine research and experimentation to present a modern and elegant product


Made in Italy.

Our products are completely created and made in Italy

Our certifications:


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