sliding manual bulkhead with dimensions of entire frame in stainless steel aisi 304 equipped with manual sliding devices. positioned onto the opposite lengths of the pool,without rail to guide it and so the bridge is free running,
allowing for the subdivision of the two pools to communicate or to form into a turn-plate depending the necessity at that moment of the various water activities. the structure
of the uprights, are made from tubular profiles in stainless steel aisi 304 with the appropriate dimensions, welded with tubes to assemble and bolts of high resistance, and must support in a empty pool a dead of the unit plus distributed
live load of 250kg/sq.mt. the horizontal and vertical covering is made from modules to be set by 10cm, grid thickness 2,5cm in stabilized pvc (unalterable to u.v. rays and to any chemical agents present in the pool) utilising flat special “l” shaped pieces (one piece only) with rounded non-skid edges, colour to your choice.

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